Jul 012012

When Strawberry Singh asked us all to show our current digits, I thought it was an interesting idea to see how our avatars have changed over time since we last participated in this experiment.  My avatar has definitely changed over time partially due to my changes in role play but also due to the arrival of mesh.  Mesh is a wonderful concept with many possibilities but it is not fully developed and even though there is standard sizing, it can be a problem to get it to fit your shape.

My Digits Part 2

My Digits Part 2

In response to Berry’s questions:

1. I welcomed the introduction of mesh but I soon found that it was at odds with my shape.  Even though my avatar is pretty big, I wear a SS small or medium because the large and extra large sizes are just way out of control and look huge on me.

2. I’ve made changes to my shape to get the small and medium size mesh clothing to fit.  Mainly, I’ve had to bring the musculature of my avatar up to make my shape much more proportionate so that the mesh would fit better.

3. I have little faith as to if and when the mesh deformer will arrive.  If it does fine and if it doesn’t it won’t affect me much.  I’ll wear mesh when it’s available and if it’s something that fits my style.  As it stands now, men’s fashion has not caught on to the mesh craze as women’s fashion has.  Men’s fashion is catching up slowly but it will take time and more men being willing to add new items to their virtual closets.


Skin: Belleza

Shorts: Just Because Surf – Fire – Board Shorts

Poses: Diesel Works

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  1. You’re not the only guy complaining about the crazy large and extra large sizes in the mens SS. It’s a shame, but this may improve if and when the deformer comes out. I guess we’ll see.

    I actually like your shape a lot. Most men tend to be either too bulky or too slim, but you are well balanced. Thanks for playing again Salvatore! <3

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