Dec 072012

Today some goodies from the With Love Hunt. You have started it haven’t you? If you haven’t check out whats available on the Seraphim’s  round-up of the hunt. Sakide has the First Frost outfits for male/female. Sal and I love matching couples outfits, because we love to coordinate what we’re wearing. The guys part has a mesh sweater and scarf. The female outfit has mesh scarf and skirt clothing layer top. Both outfits come with mittens.

Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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Sep 282012

There’s a quiet storm
And it never felt this hot before
Giving me something that’s taboo

Sweetest Taboo

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Sep 272012

Just one of them days, that a girl goes through
When I’m angry inside, don’t want to take it out on to you
Just one of them days, don’t take it personal

Don't Take it Personal

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Sep 212012

Chic Management is hosting a new monthly event, that will start on the 22nd of every month. I was very happy and excited to hear about this event. I’ve been shopping at Chic events since the beginning and it is always a wonderful experience. The list of participants for Chic is amazing and you won’t want to miss out.

One of the participants for this cycle is BENT with the Cirque Dreams pose prop. Its a dance pole, but not your normal booty shakin dance pole. This prop comes with a story, that you can read about here. Its about a dancer with aspirations to be part of Le Cirque. You really should check this pose prop out when Fair opens tomorrow. Take some pics and tell your own story.


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Aug 242012

He tried pretending
A dance is just a dance
But I see
He’s dancing his way back to me

Let The Music Play

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Aug 232012

I’m kinda under the weather today, but I wanted to show you guys a couple more items from Vintage Fair. Razorblade Jacket has the fab Thrace Military Jacket (for guys) and Dress (for the ladies) exclusively at Vintage Fair. Both items are available in 5 colors to coordinate with your honey.

Razorblade Jacket @ Vintage Fair

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Aug 162012

Scrub is at this year’s Vintage Fair and one of their exclusive items, is the Geisha nail and ring set. I picked it up because I figured it would give me a chance to do a gothy type look. The set comes with a HUD where you set the hand size and can turn the ring off or on, for each hand individually or both at the same time.


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Aug 152012

Many times I get home tired from work and need some time to unwind.  The HIS granny chair is a great place to sit, relax, and watch the game.  It comes with an ottoman so you can put your feet up and get comfy as the action unfolds on the screen.
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Aug 042012

Vintage Fair 2012 opens today at 4 SLT hope you guys are ready because there are some awesome items now. This year I’ve found myself overwhelmed with Vintage inspired poses. As you all know, I love me a good pose prop. Olaenka Chesnokov owner of oOo Studio, who Sal and consider to be one of the top 5 couple pose makers, has gone all out for Vintage Fair. You can check out all her Vintage Fair offerings which range from props, to singles poses, to several couples poses on the oOo Studio blog page.

I needed a good prop the show off this awesome mesh Frill Bikini from G*Field, available at August’s FaMESHed. The Frill Bikini is available in 4 colors for now, more colors to be released later. The pose prop is the Surf board from oOo Studio and includes 7 poses and a texture change surf board.

Vintage Fair, FaMESHed, Truth

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Jun 072012

If you haven’t made it over to CHIC² , what are you waiting for? There are lots of goodies out. One of my favorite stores, Cold Logic has the Moody dress exclusive for CHIC². Moody comes in 3 colors, I am wearing mango cream. As usual, the amazing texturing and quality we are accustomed to from Cold Logic. Essences has the Rowena Skin also a CHIC² exclusive. This skin reminds me a bit of my old Mynerva skins. It has a soft youthful face and plump lips. Rowena has tattoo layers for all your usual skin options and has a pack of lipstick and eye shadow you can purchase separately for a reasonable price.

CHIC²: Cold Logic & Lost Angel

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