Oct 242012

I was so busy this morning updating my wow install I totally forgot to grab the credits for this post so I can do this post from work. I wasn’t going to blog today but then I felt guilty because I am behind in blogging. I don’t like to personally get into details of the stores I blog for. But, I blog for some amazing stores and I want to thank them for giving me a chance and letting me blog their items. Also, thank you for your patience while I get all caught up.

That said, I have some new pretties from the new L’Accessoires cycle (Amorous, MiaMai, and Swallow), Exile, Coldlogic and Attitude poses from Adorkable available from My Second Box.

This month at L’Accessoires they have very nice items. I was lucky enough to get all my favorites in one blog post. Amorous has the Fallen Jewelry set it comes in 8 colors with grey included in the box. I have been a fan of Amorous jewelry for awhile and I was excited to see she was participating in L’Accessoires this month. MiaMai has the Lois pumps available in 15 colors which have a nice suede texture. Lastly I have Swallow’s Rockstub’s bag. It has 8 colors colors available. Unfortunately, you only have the choice of gold metal.


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Oct 112012

FaMESHed opened with a new collection for the month of October and Erratic has this cute Oversized Sweater is several solid and patterned textures.

I Dream of Rain

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I Wanna Be

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Oct 102012

Back from a mini break from blogging. Work is crazy and when I get home I just want to make dinner and veg out on the couch for the rest of the night. But I still have some of the cool new releases from last week to show you. I’m going to start off by showing this cute mini skirt from The Secret Store.  There are several plain and print versions available. I love the shapely curves on this skirt and the little bow belt with saves me the trouble of finding a good belt to match.

I Wanna Be

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Oct 032012

With this blog post I’ll be caught up with all the pictures with items I wanted to blog. Sometimes it can be hard because I work full-time. I usually put several outfits together over the weekend and take pics all at once for a weeks worth of blogging. Its very rare that I can blog weekend events or one day only events. And sometimes I may blog something that was at an event after the event is over. Take for instance the Valentine Cross jewelry set from Maxi Gossamer. This was one of the items for Limited Bazaar. For Limited Bazaar, 16 or so stores have an item for sale but there is only 100 of the item. Once it reaches 100 it says sold out and that’s it. Now I don’t know if it means forever or just at that price. I think it is worth checking out every 2 weeks when they start a new cycle. Don’t wait for Seraphim to cover it, usually by the time they cover most of the popular items are gone. So join the subscribo so you know ASAP when a new collection has started.

Caught Up

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Sep 282012

There’s a quiet storm
And it never felt this hot before
Giving me something that’s taboo

Sweetest Taboo

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Sep 272012

Just one of them days, that a girl goes through
When I’m angry inside, don’t want to take it out on to you
Just one of them days, don’t take it personal

Don't Take it Personal

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Sep 212012

Chic Management is hosting a new monthly event, that will start on the 22nd of every month. I was very happy and excited to hear about this event. I’ve been shopping at Chic events since the beginning and it is always a wonderful experience. The list of participants for Chic is amazing and you won’t want to miss out.

One of the participants for this cycle is BENT with the Cirque Dreams pose prop. Its a dance pole, but not your normal booty shakin dance pole. This prop comes with a story, that you can read about here. Its about a dancer with aspirations to be part of Le Cirque. You really should check this pose prop out when Fair opens tomorrow. Take some pics and tell your own story.


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Sep 202012

Today’s blog title: Sal and I were listening to the El Cantente Soundtrack and Aguanile was on when I saved the first pic.

Erratic released the Cowl Neck Dress a bit over a week ago and I fell in love with the sequined texturing. Honestly, I’ve seen a few party dresses released in the past week or so. This dress by far has the best sequin texturing. The dress also comes in a no sequin texture, both is several colors.

Aguanile mai mai

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Sep 132012

I’m running out of boring blog titles. I think from now on I’ll do song titles, probably songs 90% of you have never heard.

Collabor88 has a new round at new location. Auxiliary has the mullet tops in 11 colors that fit this month’s theme of timeless. Also available at C88 is Maxi Gossamer’s Marrakech Heart necklace available in gold and silver.

I'm The Only Woman

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Sep 122012

My 10

A few days ago Gogo asked what were our top 10 fav SL blogs. I decided to give it a go. I use feedly for all my rss feeds. It takes your google reader feed subscriptions and makes it look better. Give it a try, you’ll like it. My blog sources are usually feedly/google reader, plurk and flickr. I decided to chose blogs I subscribe to on RSS for my favs. These are in to particular order just ones I look at the most.
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