Feb 282013

Today I’m wearing what I amusingly call hooker couture. When I was pondering a title for today’s post I was reminded of the song by Salt-n-Peppa. It seems slut shaming has because a pastime in the SL Plurk community. Also on another level the judgement of people’s RL relationship status vs their SL relationship status. As a wise friend said, most of it is because of the lack of peen we have in the community. How dare a woman have more than one peen or any peen in SL? How dare a woman have SL peen and RL peen? But if there is more than one hen sharing a rooster we’re all supposed to STFU and leave it be. Ah well, just something to ponder in our wonderful community.

None Of Your Business

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Feb 212013

I set up my little dressing room type props and I think I’m going to take most of my pictures on this background. Though I may change up the wall texture. The wall and floor textures are from Insight Designs. You really should check out what they have to offer. Also the actual furniture pieces are from {What Next}. Good furniture and poses props at reasonable prices and most if not all her stuff is copy.

Got 2 Luv U

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