She Doesn’t Mind

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Jul 112013

She Doesn't Mind

I love this Truth hair because the moment I put it on it screamed Vulcan and I wanted to add some ear attachments. Unfortunately I’m spoiled with SLink appliers and others working in a sweat shop to make skin matching one click. So no Vulcan ears because I’m too lazy to skin match.
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Pegaíto Suavecito

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Jun 192013

This week I’m in a mood for something along the lines of what has been labeled as “whore couture” by many. Usually when “whore couture” in the community is mentioned there is alot of pearl clutching and up turned noses. But thats ok, I turn up my nose a “puritan” fashion, so it all comes out even. So this week I have a couple of pieces from Sakide available exclusively at The Thrift Shop.

Pegaíto Suavecito

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