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Mar 222012

Over the past weeks a few things have happened that made me toy with the idea of taking a different direction in my usual style.  I’ve been blogging fashion for almost 4 years. In the past 2 I’ve tried to gravitate toward a style that was more “acceptable” in the mainstream fashion community. As mesh fashion becomes more and more popular, I find that I’m giving up more of what I like and what is Lourdes in order to fit in.  So, I’m taking a step away from all that and taking a detour. I’m going to experiment in a different style.


Don’t get me wrong I love mesh; hair, shoes, eyes, lashes and various accessories. When it comes to clothes, I’ll be far more discriminating. After all we wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t wear us.
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Mar 182012

Just a lazy Sunday lounging in the garden. This cute furniture is the The Orlaith Garden Set from {What Next} for ZombiePopcorn Brand. The cute flower planters are also from {What Next} and are available for Lazy Sunday. You can check out all items available for ZombiePopcorn Brand and Lazy Sunday on Seraphim.

Lazy Sunday Unedited

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Mar 162012

From the moment I put on Aura’s Low Rise Boho mesh skirt, I knew how I wanted to pose for blogging.  Unfortunately neither Sal or myself could remember where we had seen the pose I wanted, though we’d seen it 100 times and passed on it. Thank goodness my friend Bouncer Criss, men’s fashion blogger and owner of Bounce This Poses, came to our rescue. This skirt needed a special shirt and I decided Sal was going to be my shirt. We had fun working on getting the pose fitted for us. As Sal’s hand were fitted into position I noticed with horror, I’m barely a handful. This is unacceptable. I’m ample (ok maybe a wee bit more than ample) busted IRL I want my avatar to be the same.  I say to the boys… “I think I may look into getting LOLA’s or something, just small ones.”  I have never seen two men so quick to talk a woman out of getting bigger bewbies. But what would you expect from two ass men. Haha.

Barely a handful

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Mar 142012

Maybe if we weren’t so busy with other things, the wedding presents could be opened and blogged by now.

Take My Breath Away

Perhaps before christmas…
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Mar 112012

Fashion For Life kicked off yesterday and runs until March 20th. One of the over 200 vendors is Mon Chéri formerly known as TGIS (Trashy Girls In Style). One of Mon Chéri’s RFL donation items is the Wrap-around Bikini in wine print. I have this bikini in black print and I never got a chance to wear it. I always look for unique bathing suit and bikini styles and this style fits the bill. You can find Mon Chéri on the Aika sim @ Fashion for Life.

Fashion For Life - Mon Chéri

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Mar 092012

Did you guys know that Fashion For Life starts tomorrow March 10th at noon SLT and runs until March 20th? Be sure to go to the Fashion For Life web page for all the info.

This year there are over 200 stores on a whooping 10 sims. This should reduce lag significantly. There is a hunt, a raffle, and event called 55 for Life being held on 3/16 and like last year there will be gatcha areas.  There will be live entertainment on one of the sims for at least 12 hours each day.  The ladies and gents that organize this event have really gone all out to make this event a succcess. The RFL events are one of few charity events that you can trust in knowing that the money is handled properly.  If you can fill a sim for over 3 days for Slut Couture you can fill these 10 sims up to help fight cancer.

Look for lots of posts from me and my fellow bloggers covering the wonderful fashions avaible at Fashon For Life. You may also see me showing some skin in a vendor ad for an exclusive FFL item. *winky winky*  Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

Mar 092012

Today is Kesseret Steeplechase’s birthday. She’s 63 years old today, bless her. She’s one foot into the retirement home. Kess is one of my closest friends in SL and I love her to pieces. I hope she has a wonderful Birthday and many many more.

Happy Birthday Kess

Mar 082012

Salvatore is a big fan of Lapointe and Bastchild for their mens casual and formal wear. They won me over with their women’s fashion, during Vintage Fair with their aviator jackets. The leather texturing is well done and their items are very very easy to fit. They do use a resize script BUT don’t let that turn you off. Their resize scripts resize on the xyz axis individually. This is one feature that every creator that uses resize scripts should have, along with an option to delete the script and size manually.

For a limited time on the L&B Marketplace Store you can get the DJ Royale set for women or men for L$299. For that price you get, long sleeve leather jacket with the DJ Royale art, chemise (w) or t-shirt (m) and a pair of leather pants. The leather pants cuffs are wide enough to accommodate boots and the cuffs blend almost perfectly into the  pants. I love the small attention to details like that.

To model the leather set we chose the Breakaway Bike from Essential Soul. The Breakaway Bike is purely a pose prop (non rideable) but it comes with:  7 single male poses, 7 single female poses, 8 couple poses, 10 combo female poses, 19 combo guys poses, 8 combo group poses. It is also texture change. There is also a version with a sidecar. If you get a chance, head over to Essential Soul and try out the demo.

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Mar 072012

March Mess Madness started March 1st. From the moment I TP’d in I was in love. I love the layout and all the vendors are just magnificent, honestly. I have two favorite finds, one I can show and one that didn’t show up so well in the pics.

ColdLogic has been one of my favorite stores since they opened not very long ago. Their designs are a style that you don’t see very much in SL. Every new release I run over and grab the newness.  One of ColdLogics releases for MMM is the Robin combo. Its a tube top and jacket combination. You can wear them together or separate.

March Mesh Madness: ColdLogic

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Mar 052012

A couple of weeks ago Alicia Chenaux did a blog post addressing the trend of wide hipped shapes (referred to herein as ponygirls) that are becoming popular on the feeds. Immediately there was an outcry that the “barbies” were attacking their style. The ponygirls stated they had a right to look different and that they didn’t want to look the same as all the barbies on the feeds. So now we have a divide that is growing larger and hostilities are rising.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the ponygirl look but I have learned to look past the shapes to what is worn and how its styled and accessorized. In that regard I think that both camps can benefit from each other. An item when worn by a different person or used in a different way can become something entirely new.

Ponygirls vs Barbies

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