Aug 152012

Many times I get home tired from work and need some time to unwind.  The HIS granny chair is a great place to sit, relax, and watch the game.  It comes with an ottoman so you can put your feet up and get comfy as the action unfolds on the screen.
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Aug 142012


There is a new event opening tomorrow called L’accessoires which is a monthly event centered around accessories as well as shoes. Each cycle will start on the 15th and end on the 8th of the following month.

This month PurpleMoon is offering the Venice set. Venice includes necklace and earrings. There are 5 metal options and 16 gem options all in once piece. I love texture change jewelry because you have so many options. Options are something that is always good with accessories.

Venice by Purple Moon

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Aug 092012

Vintage Fair and FaMESHed are both still open for all your shopping needs. Now is probably the best time to visit both events. Auxiliary has some pretty nice items to offer at both events. For Vintage Fair, Auxiliary has the Luna Jeans and the Vintage Tube Top. As usual Tyr offers a ton of colors to chose from to mix and match with these items or any of her previous releases. On the Luna Jeans I love the rips and the bell bottoms, it gives it a comfortable worn look, that you get from your favorite jeans.
The poses for this post are the Flower Child Poses from Adorkable Poses, also available at Vintage Fair. Flower Child is 5 poses including mirrors and is one of several sets that were made exclusively for Vintage Fair.


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Aug 042012

Vintage Fair 2012 opens today at 4 SLT hope you guys are ready because there are some awesome items now. This year I’ve found myself overwhelmed with Vintage inspired poses. As you all know, I love me a good pose prop. Olaenka Chesnokov owner of oOo Studio, who Sal and consider to be one of the top 5 couple pose makers, has gone all out for Vintage Fair. You can check out all her Vintage Fair offerings which range from props, to singles poses, to several couples poses on the oOo Studio blog page.

I needed a good prop the show off this awesome mesh Frill Bikini from G*Field, available at August’s FaMESHed. The Frill Bikini is available in 4 colors for now, more colors to be released later. The pose prop is the Surf board from oOo Studio and includes 7 poses and a texture change surf board.

Vintage Fair, FaMESHed, Truth

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Jul 312012


A few months ago I got the shock of my life when I was given the opportunity to participate in an article in Solitude Magazine about Second Life. Solitude Magazine is an Australian alternative fashion type magazine . I submitted two pictures.

The main  picture.

Solitude Magazine

The little side pic for filler.

Solitude Magazine

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Jul 272012

When I started to do this blog post (2 hours ago, blame plurk.) Maxwell’s Sumthin Sumthin was on Pandora. The lyrics reminded me of way back in the beginning when Sal was flirting with me and I thought he was just some guy being nice and complimenting my work. I paid him no mind, he was just some guy on my plurk timeline.

Our first “date” we took pictures and we went exploring. It was pretty cool, but maybe in an alternatve universe it could have been something like this:

Amalfi Café

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Jul 262012

Growing up a little brown girl with unruly hair, you know early on that getting your hair under control is a labor of pain and burns. Many a Sunday I spent sitting in the kitchen in front of the stove while my mom wielded the pressing iron to get my frizzy curly ‘fro sleek and straight. Back then I watched alot of Charlie’s Angels and I wanted straight bouncy luxurious hair like Farrah Fawcett and Jacyln Smith. They just got out of bed with hair that looked amazing. But I had to endure hours of torture just to have it all put in pig tails fitting for a little girl.

As I got older and was allowed more “adult” styles, I wanted more. I wanted highlights. Oh great not only do I have hot iron heated in fire pulled through my hair, now I get to put on this tight cap with little holes and have my hair yanked through the holes with a small crochet hook. Highlights was something we did in the summer time. After you’ve endured all the torture to get get it dyed and straight, participating in summer activities without getting your hair wet became an art. You could hang out at the pool or on the beach but the hair must NEVER get wet. I’m telling you all this for a reason, just stay with me.

Sal and I had a little water ballon fight courtesy of Izzie’s Water Ballon Fight Poses. There are tons of poses and balloon props and water splashes, take my word on it. I decided to put on my new bikini from Blacklace, called Summer Splash. It comes in a wet top version and a dry top version,floral bottoms and as a bonus beach towel with animations (not shown). I also had  to wear Truth’s new Kara style w/ roots in the Almond color, which is a new Truth color for me to wear. I just love the highlights. It reminds me so much of the Charlie’s Angel hair I wanted as a child.

So back on track,  Sal and I… water balloon fight. It was all fun and games until Sal made the biggest mistake ever. He aimed for THE HAIR!!

Water Balloon Fights

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Jul 242012

As most people on my plurk timeline are familair, I do food p0rn every now and then. Ganache seems to be one of the things that trends quite often now on my favorite food blogs. I’m not a huge fan of icing so I’ve always just posted it to appease the inner fat girls/boys of the peeps on my timeline. Sakide released the Ganache dress set for the latest ZPB I just loved the cute mesh skirt that attaches. Each pack includes 2 color combos. I’m wearing the pink/black of the pink/black  and black/black set.

Zombie Popcorn Brand - Sakide

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Jul 192012

Hair Fair 2012 opened last weekend. You can see the slurls and map at the official Hair Fair Blog. Wasabi Pills my fav mesh hair maker has the cutest styles at Hair Fair this year. I decided to do my first post on Wasabi Pills Hair with Zoey. The leather bands and the beads are color changeable via a hud. Its just a very cute style all around.

Hair Fair 2012 Wasabi Pills

To compliment the hair I went with two items from One Voice. Mon Cherie’s tank top and Tutti Frutti’s Charlotte Bermuda Shorts. I love both stores, Mon Cherie for their nicely done swimwear and lingerie, and Tutti Frutti for all her colorful textures on her items. I find styling her items a challenge in a good way.

Hair Fair 2012 Wasabi Pills

Skin: *League* Jen Suntan Natural
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Zoey Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Lipstick: Blacklace Beauty Candy Lips Mauve
Eye-shadow: Blacklace Beauty Spectrum Shadow Gold/Yellow
Top: *MonCheri* One Voice Tank Top -white-
Shorts: *TuttiFrutti* Charlotte – Mesh Bermuda Shorts – Gold
Necklace – Earthstones
Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Aged Bronze, w2)
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet
Sandals: SLink Aussie Thong – white

Poses: Adorkable Poses – My Hair

Jul 162012

Yeah I know everyone is blogging about hair fair. I’m taking a bit of a detour from hair fair blogging to catch up on pics I took last week. These pics were meant for to be blogged on Friday, but I got busy walking around hair fair. Anyway One Voice is still open and has lots of goodies including this cute updo from Exile called Break Away. Sakide also has the Letter from Paris outfit available in Rose and Black in 2 different design choices. I love the writing and postage stamp on the skirt, it was the deciding factor on which version to grab. Adorkable also has some cute poses out for One Voice called Handbag. There are 5 poses that work for left and right handbags.

One Voice: Sakide & Exile

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