Jul 012012

Strawberry Singh put out a call for a digits again after the mesh revolution. My friends and readers know I have a love hate relationship with mesh in its current form. While I do recognize that SS is a god send to mesh clothing designers, it was an epic fail for me. I’m one of very few avatars (according to the developers of Standard Sizing) that fall in the no man’s land between Standard Size M and L. Medium is too small and Large is extremely too big for my shape.

Standard Sizing is made optimal for those that fall into the xxxxxxs to s range. There is a 7 point difference between the smallest small and medium, in body fat and a 14 point difference between medium and large. Avatars with shapes like mine are left with the option trim down to medium SS numbers where curves are non existent, or bulk up to fit the large. What did I do?

Lourdes' Digits Part 2

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Jun 292012

The ZombiePopcorn Carnival ends tomorrow June 30th. You can check out the coverage on Seraphim for most of items exclusive to this event. The carnival atmosphere on the sim is pretty awesome so you definitely should check it out.
I found I really liked the accessories at this fair. I instantly fell in love with the Sideshow Jewelry Set from League. There are 3 styles of necklace, and 6 earrings. Each style comes with the option to use the included pics or add your own. The Masquerade Mask is from Je Suis, and is available in 6 colors. Mayfly has an exclusive color at ZP Carnival called Northern Dawn. Northern Dawn is available in Liquid Light or Deepskye; mesh and layer versions are available.

ZombiePopcorn Carnival

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Jun 282012

The Stand4Love is a project that started a couple of weeks ago, you can read the mission statement here and how to participate here. I don’t have much to say on the subject because the fact that two people should be able to get married regardless of sexual orientation and all that is as common sense as breathing to live.

Stand4Love - Salvatore Otoro & Lourdes Denimore

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Jun 222012

Summer breeze
makes me feel fine 
blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Summer my least favorite season IRL and my favorite season in SL. I love all the summer fashion, furniture and pose props. We get to go down to the beach and take pics. I have to get a cute bathing suit and do a cute pic with my Zooby baby.  If you guys know of any cute zooby baby summer fashion let me know.  When you think summer, sometimes you think carnivals. The Zombie Popcorn Carnival started on June 15th, and there you can find the Riviera Beach Towels from {what next}. There are two seperate packs the coastal pack and the pinks pack, each with 3 towel designs. We’re showing 2 designs from the coastal packs.

Summer Breeze

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Jun 182012

Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion were kind enough to invite Salvatore and I to participate in their Blogger Carnival Exhibit at SL9B. We did a tutorial of sorts on how to take emotional couples photos, and we have a little photo-set set up so that you can duplicate the picture below.

You can see the tutorial here and visit SL9B here.

Jun 082012

I recently decided to test the waters with blogging home and garden stuff. I’m not very good at decorating but I try. It took me awhile to get this room looking good enough to blog. So I apologize that I was not able to blog the Charlotte living room set from {what next} during the Home and Garden Expo. But there is good news. The Charlotte living room is now available at the {what next} main store and on the marketplace. The furniture and decor is from {what next} except the people and the dog. LOL

Charlotte Living

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Jun 072012

Rompers seem to be really popular this year for mesh summer wear. Coldlogic recently released a set of rompers in different styles that range from sporty casual to corporate casual. I always do sexy lounge around the house casual. This time I’m going to do corporate casual, something I could wear to work. The Mathis romper fits the corporate chic look just right. I love the cross top and the belt at the waste.


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Jun 072012

If you haven’t made it over to CHIC² , what are you waiting for? There are lots of goodies out. One of my favorite stores, Cold Logic has the Moody dress exclusive for CHIC². Moody comes in 3 colors, I am wearing mango cream. As usual, the amazing texturing and quality we are accustomed to from Cold Logic. Essences has the Rowena Skin also a CHIC² exclusive. This skin reminds me a bit of my old Mynerva skins. It has a soft youthful face and plump lips. Rowena has tattoo layers for all your usual skin options and has a pack of lipstick and eye shadow you can purchase separately for a reasonable price.

CHIC²: Cold Logic & Lost Angel

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Jun 042012

Between Friday and Sunday we saw the start of several events that should be any fashionista happy. CHIC² opened yesterday, celebrating 2 years of CHIC, who’s birthday is today.  150 new and old CHIC shop participants are taking part in this small celebration.

{what next} is at CHIC² with the  Hampton Garden Set. The set comes in 3 color choices: black, white and yellow.  The chairs come with a cushion or without cushion. One of the things I love about {what next} furniture is that it always comes with a ton of poses, male and female, without and without props.  In the pic below we get to play out a frequent scenario between Sal and myself. He’s trying to do his school work and I keep talking distracting him.

Days of Summer

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May 312012

Tomorrow starts a new round of FaMESHed. As usual you can expect a nice assortment of quality mesh items. Big props to Vanity and Cracked Mirror for all their hard work in organizing this event. Also be sure to check out the FaMESHed flickr group.

Valentina E. Couture is a new store, to me. For June’s FaMESHed one of the items they are offering is the Sarong Dress with matching hat. This outfit screams summer on the beach to me, in a most elegant way. Its something a bit more like Martha’s Vineyard not Coney Island or Daytona Beach. The thing I like the most about this dress, is that the medium fits my normal unmodified tofitmyfatassintomesh shape.

FaMESHed Yet?

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