Apr 232013

Kawaii Fair is on its final week and I needed to get these pics blogged, since I took them over a week ago.

Like A Star

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Apr 192013

When I saw the babin dress in coldlogic’s latest release I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it.

I'll Take Care of You

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Mar 222013

For my last Skin Fair 2013, I’m wearing a skin that was a very pleasant surprise because of how beautiful it looks.

Me Myself and I

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Mar 202013

Will you think of times you’ve told me
That you knew the reason
Why we had to each be lonely
It was just the season

Shoot The Moon

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Mar 182013

Today everything has come easy for me. The song for today’s blog post title and now the content of this post. I didn’t want to do my usual boring spiel about what I’m wearing. I’m bored with that. So I’ll do this week’s meme from Berry is Procrastination. That’s something I know very well. Check out my answers to the Procrastination Meme below

Five Miles To Empty

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Mar 072013

I’m putting off my “show off” arcade post for another day. While we all had gatcha fever there were a couple of events going that you should scrape up your remaining lindens and pay them a visit.

La Despedida

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Mar 052013

I’m a slow dying flower
Frost killing hour
The sweet turning sour
And untouchable

Oh, I need
The darkness
The sweetness
The sadness
The weakness
Oh, I need this

My Skin

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Feb 192013

Today I have a few new items. As you can see my blond period didn’t last for too long. I always go back to black. I love black hair because it doesn’t clash with the other colors I may be wearing.

Baby girl, you're still a flower

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Jan 042013

Its Friday and its almost time for me to leave work and start the weekend. My last blog post for the new years week. I have a bit of leather and a bit of fur, faux for those that care.

Ella Me Levantó

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Dec 122012

Its that time of year where there are holiday parties and various festivities. Its been a long time since I’ve attended a Holiday party in SL, but if we do decide to be sociable this year. I will have the perfect thing to wear. coldLogic recently released 6 holiday party dressing is all colors and styles. Styles ranging from stuffy cocktail party to raging clubbing all night long. I’m wearing the Holly dress which has just a hint of sequins to make it fancier than a church dress, but not overly done. Truth’s Moxie hair I think goes perfect for the party all night look.

Two other goodies: The Dressing Room is back but redone. Now instead of 2 dressing rooms there is one. The Dressing Room Fusion opened last Friday and I have to say I am impressed. This rounds guest is Slink and they have the Vanity Boot in 3 colors (red, black and tan) for L$70 each. Now you know you almost never get boots for a well known store at this price in black or any other basic color. Usually its some crazy color you may or may not wear and you have to go to store and pay full price for white, black or any other popular color. These boots are a definate steal and they are same quality we are accustomed to from SLink.

Next from Collabor88 I have the Madame Midnight purse from Maxi Gossamer. I am excited to see her breaking into doing other accessories. The Madame Midnight purse comes in Velvet and Sequined versions with hand and shoulder attachment points both left and right.

Livin' My Life

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