Apr 222013

Doing double duty today because I need to get caught up on my event blogging to make room for my favorite event. Which you’ll see later this week. Kawaii Fair is open until the 26th which is Friday.

True Blue

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Feb 272013

You just have a couple more days (including today) to grab some of the goodies at My Attic. The theme this month is Pop Star and totally love how many of the participants did their interpretation.

If living is without you

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Feb 052013

I’m not up to doing a lot of writing today so it will be short and sweet.

No Diggity

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Oct 242012

I was so busy this morning updating my wow install I totally forgot to grab the credits for this post so I can do this post from work. I wasn’t going to blog today but then I felt guilty because I am behind in blogging. I don’t like to personally get into details of the stores I blog for. But, I blog for some amazing stores and I want to thank them for giving me a chance and letting me blog their items. Also, thank you for your patience while I get all caught up.

That said, I have some new pretties from the new L’Accessoires cycle (Amorous, MiaMai, and Swallow), Exile, Coldlogic and Attitude poses from Adorkable available from My Second Box.

This month at L’Accessoires they have very nice items. I was lucky enough to get all my favorites in one blog post. Amorous has the Fallen Jewelry set it comes in 8 colors with grey included in the box. I have been a fan of Amorous jewelry for awhile and I was excited to see she was participating in L’Accessoires this month. MiaMai has the Lois pumps available in 15 colors which have a nice suede texture. Lastly I have Swallow’s Rockstub’s bag. It has 8 colors colors available. Unfortunately, you only have the choice of gold metal.


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Sep 082012

Growing up, the down side of having a birthday in early September was that it sometimes fell on the first day of school. As an adult I welcome it because its when things start to cool down and we get into the nice cool temps of autumn, one of my favorite seasons. But its still warm enough for the beach and bikinis. Its the perfect time to go on beach vacations because all the rugrats are back in school.

The Summer Harvest Hunt is still going and Sakide has the cute summery End of Summer Outfit. Look for the little acorn.

Summer Harvest

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Sep 062012

I couldn’t come up with a name for this post so I went with a song that was in my head. Today I have some of the awesome stuff you can find at September’s FaMESHed.  First I want to mention that the background stuff is all furniture from Apple Fall. You can buy each piece individually (14 pieces) or together.

I Can't Tell You Why

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Sep 052012

The first round of L’accessoires ends on Saturday, and you can check out all the goodies available here. Glam Affair has the Lissana hat available at L’accessoires. Lissana is available in 6 colors and has a resize script so you should be able to fit it over certain hairs. I tried it with Truth’s Bria and it fit pretty well.


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Jul 162012

Yeah I know everyone is blogging about hair fair. I’m taking a bit of a detour from hair fair blogging to catch up on pics I took last week. These pics were meant for to be blogged on Friday, but I got busy walking around hair fair. Anyway One Voice is still open and has lots of goodies including this cute updo from Exile called Break Away. Sakide also has the Letter from Paris outfit available in Rose and Black in 2 different design choices. I love the writing and postage stamp on the skirt, it was the deciding factor on which version to grab. Adorkable also has some cute poses out for One Voice called Handbag. There are 5 poses that work for left and right handbags.

One Voice: Sakide & Exile

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Jul 142012

Hair Fair 2012 opened today. You can see the slurls and map at the official Hair Fair Blog.  Discords Designs has released 5 new mesh styles for Hair Fair. I’ve always thought Discord does the best braids on the grid and her new mesh versions are even better. Today I am wearing the Devlyn style which is unisex and comes in 2 sizes. In this style the braids fall all the down to the lower back or butt. If you prefer a shorter style there is Delrey, also available at Hair Fair.

Hair Fair 2012 Discord Designs

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May 302012

I was just talking to my friend Ry about how its difficult to be a good blogger in SL, do good quality pictures, keep up on events and new releases and have a full time job and family to take care of. I get discouraged sometimes when I see some of my fellow bloggers churn out 2 to 3 sometimes 5 blog posts daily, where if I can blog 3 times a week its a major achievement. But it always helps to talk to a successful fellow blogger that has even less time than I do. So all that leading up to this post is because there are TONS of things going on and coming up and ending.

The most recent release from Insolence is the Mary lingerie in several soft and pretty pastel colors. It comes with the standard bra, panties, garter and stockings in several color choices all on multiple layers. I like this piece because it has a very soft delicate look. You almost feel like you can reach out and touch the soft fabric reminiscent of your grandmother’s delicate needlework lace and trims.

So Many Things

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