Nov 112012

One thing I always enjoy wearing is jeans. Cynful recently released the Zia 2.0 jeans. They come in 3 leg versions: skinny, bootcut, and flair. These jeans are very low cut but with the right top you don’t have to show all your business. They also layer pretty well with bigger/longer mesh sweaters and tops. Also be sure to check out the dark blue denim at The Dressing Room, which should be available until Friday.

Valió La Pena

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Jul 072012

Fairy Tales ends tomorrow and I wanted to get this post in before it ended. I’ve always been a fan of the pose props of Tableau Vivant, but they always seemed way out of  my league. One of two props available as Fairy Tales is Lake Bodom. Before I get to the other stuff I want to warn you this prop has a land impact of 127 prims. So if you are on a tight prim budget make sure you have room for this prop. Lake Bodom comes with 8 female poses and 4 male poses. The poses come in pose balls, but they are mod so you can rip the poses out and put them in your favorite stand or HUD. I would have preferred the poses come outside of the balls. The poses are all well done and fit in well with the story that the prop is telling.

Fairy Tales

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May 022012

In case you didn’t know faMESHed, Stumblebum, and The Summer Beauty Festival are three events that kicked off, or in the case of Stumblebum renewed with fresh goodies, on May 1st. At some point over the next 2 or 3 weeks. I’ll give each event their own post, but I wanted to give a sample of what is available at all three events.

Aura is participating in both faMESHed and Stumblebum. The Class Act Jeans are available at faMESHed.  I am not usually a fan of bell bottom jeans but I think these are just too cute. I love the texturing and the little pattern on the side. These jeans also make me very happy that waxing is not necessary in SL. The Class Act Jeans leave very little margin for error. The Boho Ruffle Tops are available in seven colors for Stumblebum, and are discounted 25% off during the duration of this round.

faMESHed, Stumblebum & Beauty Festival

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Mar 162012

From the moment I put on Aura’s Low Rise Boho mesh skirt, I knew how I wanted to pose for blogging.  Unfortunately neither Sal or myself could remember where we had seen the pose I wanted, though we’d seen it 100 times and passed on it. Thank goodness my friend Bouncer Criss, men’s fashion blogger and owner of Bounce This Poses, came to our rescue. This skirt needed a special shirt and I decided Sal was going to be my shirt. We had fun working on getting the pose fitted for us. As Sal’s hand were fitted into position I noticed with horror, I’m barely a handful. This is unacceptable. I’m ample (ok maybe a wee bit more than ample) busted IRL I want my avatar to be the same.  I say to the boys… “I think I may look into getting LOLA’s or something, just small ones.”  I have never seen two men so quick to talk a woman out of getting bigger bewbies. But what would you expect from two ass men. Haha.

Barely a handful

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Mar 052012

A couple of weeks ago Alicia Chenaux did a blog post addressing the trend of wide hipped shapes (referred to herein as ponygirls) that are becoming popular on the feeds. Immediately there was an outcry that the “barbies” were attacking their style. The ponygirls stated they had a right to look different and that they didn’t want to look the same as all the barbies on the feeds. So now we have a divide that is growing larger and hostilities are rising.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the ponygirl look but I have learned to look past the shapes to what is worn and how its styled and accessorized. In that regard I think that both camps can benefit from each other. An item when worn by a different person or used in a different way can become something entirely new.

Ponygirls vs Barbies

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Mar 042012

 recently brought to our attention that someone in our community could use some rays of sunshine during a trying time. Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora is a talented jewerly and clothing maker. Her styles and designs are unique and I have always admired them.  Even though I may not have blogged her often, it is only because I felt I could not do her designs the justice they rightly deserved.

For this post I decided on the 20’s era dress Joy, with the matching hair to complete the 20’s hollywood star look. You can see all the Donna Flora A to Z posts on Its Only Fashion.

Donna Flora A-Z: Joy

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