Mar 202014

SLink West opened last week and one of 50 stores on the new sim is Blacklace. All the stores on SLink West offer its to be used with the Slink Mesh addons. Its a very pretty sim and you should check it out.

Addicted To You

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Oct 232013



The Pusscycat costume is available at Blacklace.
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May 172013

We did these pics weeks ago and I never got around to blogging them. I love doing lingerie posts and lingerie is one of the few items left that still look best on clothing texture layers (depending on the style). For basic bra, panties and stockings nothing in mesh comes close as this point in time IMO.

I Think About Us

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Mar 152013

THE Skin Fair opened today to the public. I was lucky enough to get into the blogger preview and one of my first purchases was the Elyse skin from Tuli.

Caught Up In The Rapture

You can see full coverage of all the items available at THE Skin Fair on Seraphim.
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Feb 122013

Have I Been Blind?

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Jan 312013

Its that time again 50 Shade of Sexy. This week the theme is Sexual Healing. I figured for this one we’d do couple’s pics. And since I’m sure people have worn the Marvin Gaye song into the ground I did today’s blog title from an Isley Brother’s song that puts across the same idea.

Between The Sheets

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Jan 252013

Week 2 of 50 Shades of Sexy: Better Than Chocolate.

Better Than Chocolate

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Dec 192012

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I’ve done all my gift shopping for the most part. I just have my secret santa left and that will be easy peasy. Sal and I are still kicking around concepts for our holiday picture. At this point we may not have a holiday picture because I’m searching for just the right pose. Fortunately when it comes to christmas outfits, especially the sexy variety, I don’t have to search far.

Under The Mistletoe

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Sep 212012

Chic Management is hosting a new monthly event, that will start on the 22nd of every month. I was very happy and excited to hear about this event. I’ve been shopping at Chic events since the beginning and it is always a wonderful experience. The list of participants for Chic is amazing and you won’t want to miss out.

One of the participants for this cycle is BENT with the Cirque Dreams pose prop. Its a dance pole, but not your normal booty shakin dance pole. This prop comes with a story, that you can read about here. Its about a dancer with aspirations to be part of Le Cirque. You really should check this pose prop out when Fair opens tomorrow. Take some pics and tell your own story.


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Jul 262012

Growing up a little brown girl with unruly hair, you know early on that getting your hair under control is a labor of pain and burns. Many a Sunday I spent sitting in the kitchen in front of the stove while my mom wielded the pressing iron to get my frizzy curly ‘fro sleek and straight. Back then I watched alot of Charlie’s Angels and I wanted straight bouncy luxurious hair like Farrah Fawcett and Jacyln Smith. They just got out of bed with hair that looked amazing. But I had to endure hours of torture just to have it all put in pig tails fitting for a little girl.

As I got older and was allowed more “adult” styles, I wanted more. I wanted highlights. Oh great not only do I have hot iron heated in fire pulled through my hair, now I get to put on this tight cap with little holes and have my hair yanked through the holes with a small crochet hook. Highlights was something we did in the summer time. After you’ve endured all the torture to get get it dyed and straight, participating in summer activities without getting your hair wet became an art. You could hang out at the pool or on the beach but the hair must NEVER get wet. I’m telling you all this for a reason, just stay with me.

Sal and I had a little water ballon fight courtesy of Izzie’s Water Ballon Fight Poses. There are tons of poses and balloon props and water splashes, take my word on it. I decided to put on my new bikini from Blacklace, called Summer Splash. It comes in a wet top version and a dry top version,floral bottoms and as a bonus beach towel with animations (not shown). I also had  to wear Truth’s new Kara style w/ roots in the Almond color, which is a new Truth color for me to wear. I just love the highlights. It reminds me so much of the Charlie’s Angel hair I wanted as a child.

So back on track,  Sal and I… water balloon fight. It was all fun and games until Sal made the biggest mistake ever. He aimed for THE HAIR!!

Water Balloon Fights

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