Apr 222013

This is your last week to visiting the April edition of FaMESHed. Pixel Mode as the Ashwood Bedroom Set available this month.

Mi Habitación

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Mar 192013

Putting together today’s post has reinforced the fact that I’m getting old and can’t keep up with when all these dang reoccurring events begin and end and how long they last. Once a year and even once a month, events are so much easier to blog.

I Can Love You

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Feb 132013

Its 50 Shades of Sexy time again. The theme this time is Pour Some Sugar on Me. I hate that song. I had a hard time figuring out where I want to go. So I figured I’d be figurative. But I’m on the feeds so you gotta get the nice wholesome picture first then the Sugar pouring after the cut. ;)

Pour Some Sugar on Me

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Jan 312013

Its that time again 50 Shade of Sexy. This week the theme is Sexual Healing. I figured for this one we’d do couple’s pics. And since I’m sure people have worn the Marvin Gaye song into the ground I did today’s blog title from an Isley Brother’s song that puts across the same idea.

Between The Sheets

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Jan 302013

Izzie’s has had several new releases lately. One of them is this cute low neck tee, which comes with lola appliers. She also released the silicone model poses which are as they seem. Poses for modeling fashion with your lolas.


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Jan 062012

What defines sexy? I think sexy is relative. Any item of clothing or accessory can be sexy to someone if used in an appealing way. Someone told me once that a woman in jeans was not as sexy as one wearing a skirt. I don’t know about that. I think jeans can be sexy if you “work it”, in the RuPaul sense, just right.
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Aug 042011

“Sometimes, the winner is the one who is able to let go and move on. Wise people know when to do so.”



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Jul 012011

Part 2 of my coverage of Exile’s great releases for Hair Fair 2011. The Hair Fair will open to the public at 12am SLT. Until then be sure to join the Hair Fair Demo Group.


Hollie Dae

HF - Exile - 2

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Feb 122011

Just a small preview of February Chic Limited which opens later today . The theme this month is “Anti-Valentine”. I’m showing part of the outfit & shoes from Peqe (has skirt option), jewelry from Dark Mouse and pose w/ prop from Di Opera.  I am also wearing Tuli’s Iconically Sexy hunt item.  The skin is only available in Bronze and Mocha, which is a pleasant surprise.


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