Apr 172014

Today its all stuffs from FaMESHed.


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Apr 042014

Newish items from coldLogic and Aphrodite Shop.

Till The End of Time

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Mar 262014

Only a few days left to grab goodies from FaMESHed and Collabor88.

Hung Up

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Mar 132014

I recently bought Ursula Luckless’ Ghetto Booty. Everyone has been going crazy over the phat azz and the cute azz. I wasn’t impressed for several reasons. The hips were too wide, I didn’t like the shape of the butt and the worst part is that it required zero body fat. Now for those of us IRL that have a big booty you know good and damn well, we don’t have zero body fat. So the whole body shape required for wearing the fat azz is more geared toward the invisible pony shapes. Along comes Ursula with the Ghetto Booty. There are 3 versions you can purchase: 0 body fat, 11 body fat and 24 body fat. The hips are more natural, the thighs nice and thick AND the shape of the booty is more natural.


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Sep 202013


A Clockwork Spiral

Have you been to A Clockwork Spiral yet? A Clockwork Spiral is a 5 day event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation. This event is brought to you by the same folks that did World Goth Fair. So you know you are dealing with organizers that show professionalism and integrity. The theme is steampunk, steamgoth, dark victorian, dieselpunk etc… Here is a taxi and get on down there.

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Sep 192013

Everything Is Everything

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Sep 122013

I’m back!!! Took a mini-vacation from blogging for the week of my birthday. While I was gone two event started FaMESHed and The Arcade Gatcha and I have goodies from both.

I Live For The Applause

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Aug 222013

Virtual Diva

Today cute elephants from Izzie’s for Black Fair which closes tomorrow and a meme about groups.
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Aug 062013


I decided to give the new Pink Fuel skin Harley a try.
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Jul 262013

Love's Taken Over

As you probably know the Love Donna Flora Charity event started yesterday. If you haven’t stopped over be sure to check the Seraphim coverage of the event. There is a bit of everything for everyone including pretty lingerie.
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