Jun 192014

Its been a long while since I’ve done a lingerie post. There are several reasons why.

Ahora Quien

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Dec 082013

When I See You

Today is the last day of the Geeks’n’Nerds Fair. Be sure to check out this cute school girl outfit from Fishy Strawberry and adorable props from The Secret Store. Also Exile has some adorable hair that was released in the store. Including Stray Wishes which goes perfect with the school girl look.
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Nov 112012

One thing I always enjoy wearing is jeans. Cynful recently released the Zia 2.0 jeans. They come in 3 leg versions: skinny, bootcut, and flair. These jeans are very low cut but with the right top you don’t have to show all your business. They also layer pretty well with bigger/longer mesh sweaters and tops. Also be sure to check out the dark blue denim at The Dressing Room, which should be available until Friday.

Valió La Pena

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Jan 122012

Fishy Strawberry recently released some pretty cool items. At this week’s Fashionably Late, Fish Strawberry has the Moto leather pants available. There are alot of leather pants out there, but the textures aren’t always so great. I really like the texture on these, it gives the pants a realistic look. The pants come in 4 colors at L$100 each. A great deal.

Fishy Strawberry

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