Feb 202014


Valentina E @ FaMESHed


Valentina E has two very chic but different outfits available at FaMEShed this month. In addition to that I am wearing FaMESHed exclusives from Wasabi Pills, Maxi Gossamer and Gos.
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Dec 082013

When I See You

Today is the last day of the Geeks’n’Nerds Fair. Be sure to check out this cute school girl outfit from Fishy Strawberry and adorable props from The Secret Store. Also Exile has some adorable hair that was released in the store. Including Stray Wishes which goes perfect with the school girl look.
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Oct 182013


The Ex Factor

He said he’d die for me. But he was still living.  I had to change that.

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Oct 042013

Come See About Me

I’m going to say this and try not to come off as bragging. For past 3 or 4 years every single blog post has included some item that I felt obligated to blog because I’m a blogger for the event or the store. Its been a long time since I went shopping and just threw together an entire outfit and just said ok here is the outfit.
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Aug 012013

Sal and I wandered over to Haithan aka Crack Den to take some pics and maybe hang out. Sal happens to look over in the dumpster I’m posing in front of and says “Isn’t that Rod Humble?” My response “Rod who?”

Rod Who???

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Jul 262013

Love's Taken Over

As you probably know the Love Donna Flora Charity event started yesterday. If you haven’t stopped over be sure to check the Seraphim coverage of the event. There is a bit of everything for everyone including pretty lingerie.
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Mar 122013


Move Your Body Girl

Yeah so there is this new Meme where we share 7 SL facts about ourselves. Strawberry Singh kicked it off yesterday…
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Mar 072013

I’m putting off my “show off” arcade post for another day. While we all had gatcha fever there were a couple of events going that you should scrape up your remaining lindens and pay them a visit.

La Despedida

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Feb 272013

You just have a couple more days (including today) to grab some of the goodies at My Attic. The theme this month is Pop Star and totally love how many of the participants did their interpretation.

If living is without you

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Feb 192013

Today I have a few new items. As you can see my blond period didn’t last for too long. I always go back to black. I love black hair because it doesn’t clash with the other colors I may be wearing.

Baby girl, you're still a flower

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