Feb 282013

Today I’m wearing what I amusingly call hooker couture. When I was pondering a title for today’s post I was reminded of the song by Salt-n-Peppa. It seems slut shaming has because a pastime in the SL Plurk community. Also on another level the judgement of people’s RL relationship status vs their SL relationship status. As a wise friend said, most of it is because of the lack of peen we have in the community. How dare a woman have more than one peen or any peen in SL? How dare a woman have SL peen and RL peen? But if there is more than one hen sharing a rooster we’re all supposed to STFU and leave it be. Ah well, just something to ponder in our wonderful community.

None Of Your Business

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Jan 222013

There is a new blogger challenge that started last week called 50 Shades of Sexy. Now this is a long term blogger challenge I can pretty much keep up with. Yeah so I’m a wee bit behind already but I will get caught up this week. Its an easy challenge because I have tons and tons of lingerie. Also with Lolas Tango’s becoming popular alot of… whats the word I’m looking for here? lets go with… non trashy lingerie stores are offering tango appliers with their new releases. They are also going back to some old releases and adding appliers. Because, you know, lingerie never goes out of style. Its one of the few things that people are not throwing out their texture layers to replace with mesh.

Candy Rain

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Aug 292012

I love jeans, both in RL and SL. I have my favorite clothing layer jeans that I don’t think will ever give up. But mesh jeans haven’t worked out too well for me except for a couple of brands. Both styles are flairs. I have had a terrible problem with skinny jeans. My 2 main issues were 1) HUGE gap between the legs. 2) The thighs were way too skinny for my taste. I think I have come to terms with the fact that, for the foreseeable future I will never have the same luscious thighs in mesh that I am accustomed to in clothing layers. Now the mission is to find the skinny jeans that I can live with.  The good news is I think I found them.

Untitled for now..

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Apr 282012

If you haven’t been to Fantasy Faire 2012, benefiting Relay for Life, you should because tomorrow is the last day. For our final posts coverning Fantasy Faire, Sal and I  are covering the magnificent fantasy wear from House of Rfyre and some cute and deadly role-play toys from Solarium. Sal has a more detailed post on the Solarium role-play toys for combat on his blog Second Life Roleplay.  But I do want to mention 2 items from Solarium because I think they are pretty and cute.

If you want to make a grand entrance (or exit) the Sakura Dash HUD (one of the RFL donation items) is prefect. It generates swirls of sakura leaves.

Fantasy Faire: House of RFyre & Solarium

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Apr 152012

There are only two stores that I jump for joy when I see there are new mesh releases.  If you read my previous posts you know that Coldlogic is one of those stores.  I have confidence in the brand and the quality of clothes. Enough confidence that I know I can buy without a demo. That is saying alot, if you’ve read my many rants on mesh “standard sizing”. Their latest release includes the May capri pants. May comes in several bright spring colors and has a soft pin stripe. I paired May with the previous release, the Tebbets tank top. As usual with Coldlogic both pieces come with several different texturing and color options to chose.


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