Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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Dec 072012

Today some goodies from the With Love Hunt. You have started it haven’t you? If you haven’t check out whats available on the Seraphim’s  round-up of the hunt. Sakide has the First Frost outfits for male/female. Sal and I love matching couples outfits, because we love to coordinate what we’re wearing. The guys part has a mesh sweater and scarf. The female outfit has mesh scarf and skirt clothing layer top. Both outfits come with mittens.

Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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In Those Jeans

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Aug 292012

I love jeans, both in RL and SL. I have my favorite clothing layer jeans that I don’t think will ever give up. But mesh jeans haven’t worked out too well for me except for a couple of brands. Both styles are flairs. I have had a terrible problem with skinny jeans. My 2 main issues were 1) HUGE gap between the legs. 2) The thighs were way too skinny for my taste. I think I have come to terms with the fact that, for the foreseeable future I will never have the same luscious thighs in mesh that I am accustomed to in clothing layers. Now the mission is to find the skinny jeans that I can live with.  The good news is I think I found them.

Untitled for now..

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Breakaway DJ Royale

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Mar 082012

Salvatore is a big fan of Lapointe and Bastchild for their mens casual and formal wear. They won me over with their women’s fashion, during Vintage Fair with their aviator jackets. The leather texturing is well done and their items are very very easy to fit. They do use a resize script BUT don’t let that turn you off. Their resize scripts resize on the xyz axis individually. This is one feature that every creator that uses resize scripts should have, along with an option to delete the script and size manually.

For a limited time on the L&B Marketplace Store you can get the DJ Royale set for women or men for L$299. For that price you get, long sleeve leather jacket with the DJ Royale art, chemise (w) or t-shirt (m) and a pair of leather pants. The leather pants cuffs are wide enough to accommodate boots and the cuffs blend almost perfectly into the  pants. I love the small attention to details like that.

To model the leather set we chose the Breakaway Bike from Essential Soul. The Breakaway Bike is purely a pose prop (non rideable) but it comes with:  7 single male poses, 7 single female poses, 8 couple poses, 10 combo female poses, 19 combo guys poses, 8 combo group poses. It is also texture change. There is also a version with a sidecar. If you get a chance, head over to Essential Soul and try out the demo.

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