Apr 062015

What do heathens with no kids do for Easter? Not a damn thing!! And it was GLORIOUS. I did the same thing I do every Sunday. I woke up did SL Secrets and had brunch with the spousal unit. Then went shopping in SL, dressing my dolly in between making Sunday dinner and took blog pics for the week. A nice quiet lazy Sunday. Now its Monday and back at work and back to blogging!! Today I look like everyone else!! But not only that I’m blogging stuff others have blogged too. But how many fucks does Lourdes give? Not a one.

So Gone

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Apr 022015

I have joined the masses of the blogger clones with mesh heads who all look alike!! Eeek!! The end is near!! No not really,but thats what some of the mesh head naysayers believe. Mesh heads are an accessory. No one complains when we all wear the same outfit. Anyway Lelutka’s new mesh heads aren’t the focus of this post. But I will mention, I am wearing Leda aka “the bitch face”. I love it!!  I like her down turned lips and look of blatant disgust are just too cute. So anyway, on to the pics.

Like A Stone

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Jul 072012

Fairy Tales ends tomorrow and I wanted to get this post in before it ended. I’ve always been a fan of the pose props of Tableau Vivant, but they always seemed way out of  my league. One of two props available as Fairy Tales is Lake Bodom. Before I get to the other stuff I want to warn you this prop has a land impact of 127 prims. So if you are on a tight prim budget make sure you have room for this prop. Lake Bodom comes with 8 female poses and 4 male poses. The poses come in pose balls, but they are mod so you can rip the poses out and put them in your favorite stand or HUD. I would have preferred the poses come outside of the balls. The poses are all well done and fit in well with the story that the prop is telling.

Fairy Tales

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