Aug 252014

Its the end of the month and a few events are wrapping things up. We’re in the final couple days of faMESHed and a little over a week left for District 5.

Shot Me Down

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Mar 272014

Lemme tell you now
I came to bring the pain
Hardcore from the brain
Let’s go inside my astral plane

Bring The Pain

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Aug 012013

Sal and I wandered over to Haithan aka Crack Den to take some pics and maybe hang out. Sal happens to look over in the dumpster I’m posing in front of and says “Isn’t that Rod Humble?” My response “Rod who?”

Rod Who???

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Jun 262013

I don’t have much to say today so I’ll keep it short. Erratic has some new shirts and shorts. Truth has the awesome new hat hair called Jolene and Cosmetics Fair is still open and you can grab these FAB nails from Flair. Also don’t forget Hair Fair 2013 is just around the corner. Peace out…

Moon Trance

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May 172013

I took a little break from blogging last week and now I’m back. I’ve got some recent releases you should know about and I’ll try to take a stab at another meme.

Behind The Groove

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Jan 302013

Izzie’s has had several new releases lately. One of them is this cute low neck tee, which comes with lola appliers. She also released the silicone model poses which are as they seem. Poses for modeling fashion with your lolas.


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Aug 222012

I’m doing some mixing and match of events again. A little FaMESHed a little Vintage Fair and throw in my favorite furniture store at the moment. Ok so, Vintage Fair, {what next} has the Novelle Study. The whole set is mesh and with all the pieces its only 27 LE. You have tons of color options with this set. The chair, desk top, note on the chalk board, typewriter and rug are texture change. I wanted to go pink but since I knew Sal would be there I went with blue, its more masculine and its our favorite color.

Home Time

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