Nov 232012

Turkey Day is over and now everyone should be recovering and snacking on left overs. I have a few days off to get caught up with my blogging. First I want to mention this gorgeous style from Exile called Beyond the Waves. I love this style and the optional flowers are color change. You just have to click on your nose to bring up the menu. MOCK Cosmetics has released some very nice winter style makeovers (includes eyeshadow and lips). I’m wearing the Smoldering Brown Winterberry. I did mod the lip color in PS because I didn’t like how bright the color was with the WL settings Sal used. I just made it a bit more neutral. But its awesome make-up and you should definitely give it a try.


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Oct 262012

Today I have a few more goodies from Costume Ball and some sexy hair at My Attic. Deviance has Devilish costume available in 8 colors. Includes, horns, pitchfork and flexi tail. I’m also wearing the Pink Fuel Siren skin from the Femme Fatal set. This skin is part of the Alyx skin set that was never a full release. Alyx is probably my fav Pink Fuel skin.Also purple poses has the Mel poses available, that are 5 single model poses, that are awesome for showing off your sexy Halloween costumes.


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Jun 292012

The ZombiePopcorn Carnival ends tomorrow June 30th. You can check out the coverage on Seraphim for most of items exclusive to this event. The carnival atmosphere on the sim is pretty awesome so you definitely should check it out.
I found I really liked the accessories at this fair. I instantly fell in love with the Sideshow Jewelry Set from League. There are 3 styles of necklace, and 6 earrings. Each style comes with the option to use the included pics or add your own. The Masquerade Mask is from Je Suis, and is available in 6 colors. Mayfly has an exclusive color at ZP Carnival called Northern Dawn. Northern Dawn is available in Liquid Light or Deepskye; mesh and layer versions are available.

ZombiePopcorn Carnival

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Mar 052012

A couple of weeks ago Alicia Chenaux did a blog post addressing the trend of wide hipped shapes (referred to herein as ponygirls) that are becoming popular on the feeds. Immediately there was an outcry that the “barbies” were attacking their style. The ponygirls stated they had a right to look different and that they didn’t want to look the same as all the barbies on the feeds. So now we have a divide that is growing larger and hostilities are rising.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the ponygirl look but I have learned to look past the shapes to what is worn and how its styled and accessorized. In that regard I think that both camps can benefit from each other. An item when worn by a different person or used in a different way can become something entirely new.

Ponygirls vs Barbies

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Apr 132011

Pose Fair 2011 is almost over, it ends April 15th. You can check out my previous Pose Fair posts on Shopping Cart Disco. I was surprised at the number of couples, friends and family poses available this year.  Sal and I found lots of poses to use later and some we still haven’t gotten around to using. Today I’m showing two of our favorite pose makers.

Everglow is one of my favorite single pose makers. I was delighted when I saw she had some couples poses out at the pose fair.  Fanny’s poses are always well done with l0w distortion and her couples poses require very few adjustments.


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