Apr 142015

I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to body appliers. I know most of us are tired of the same old bodysuits being made over and over and over again. But of course for some reason stores keep making them adding nothing new to mix. That is until I saw THIS bodysuit from Luxuria available at Interlude. What makes this bodysuit different? Its classy, its very well textured, and its sexy without being trashy. Also the work in the crotch area, top notch.

Touch Me, Tease Me

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Apr 132015

I’ve been reading a series of fantasy books by Michelle Sagara West. Actually its 2 separate series of books all set in the same universe. I love the author her writing style is not the usually easy fluff that you get in books now. So some have trouble getting into her books. Stick it out you’ll be rewarded.
I very rarely blog RP fashion. The main reason is I get kinda frustrated because RP fashion as a rule is usually a bit behind mainstream female fashion. But with more stores dabbling into the RP fashion genre things are looking better. So today we have my ode to RP fashion.

The Shining Court

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