Mar 132014

I recently bought Ursula Luckless’ Ghetto Booty. Everyone has been going crazy over the phat azz and the cute azz. I wasn’t impressed for several reasons. The hips were too wide, I didn’t like the shape of the butt and the worst part is that it required zero body fat. Now for those of us IRL that have a big booty you know good and damn well, we don’t have zero body fat. So the whole body shape required for wearing the fat azz is more geared toward the invisible pony shapes. Along comes Ursula with the Ghetto Booty. There are 3 versions you can purchase: 0 body fat, 11 body fat and 24 body fat. The hips are more natural, the thighs nice and thick AND the shape of the booty is more natural.


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Feb 072014



New pink goodness from Sn@tch, Izzie’s and Exile.

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Nov 052013

I’ve been doing this fashion blogging thing in SL since 2008. The best advice I got as a newb, was that I should blog for myself. Not to please creators, or potential readers, but blog what I like how I like when I like. When I see new bloggers getting started and they ask for advice I tell them the same thing. Don’t blog to be popular, don’t blog to get 2K views with every post, don’t blog to get review copies or early access to events. All of that may or may not come with time. Blog for yourself, your fashion blog is all about you.

All About Me

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Oct 172013



Can't You See

I guess the theme for this post is skulls with some goodies from Auxiliary, Sakide and Maxi Gossamer.
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Aug 012013

Sal and I wandered over to Haithan aka Crack Den to take some pics and maybe hang out. Sal happens to look over in the dumpster I’m posing in front of and says “Isn’t that Rod Humble?” My response “Rod who?”

Rod Who???

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Jun 272013

Yeah so here we are year 3 of the digits. This time Berry is asking about proportions. My answers and some other stuff after the pic…

Digits... again...

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Apr 222013

This is your last week to visiting the April edition of FaMESHed. Pixel Mode as the Ashwood Bedroom Set available this month.

Mi Habitación

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Mar 192013

Putting together today’s post has reinforced the fact that I’m getting old and can’t keep up with when all these dang reoccurring events begin and end and how long they last. Once a year and even once a month, events are so much easier to blog.

I Can Love You

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Jan 172013

You guys have less than 24 hours to shop the current collection at TDR Fusion. There are some cute items at very nice prices.

I Wish On All The Rainbows

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Dec 212012

We’re getting closer and closer to the big day. But its not as exciting as it used to be when I was a kid. But I still love the whole feeling of the season. To me its not Christmas until I’ve gone back home to NYC to do some holiday shopping. I love the crowds and the Christmas window displays. I decided to take pics at Santa’s Workshop. Its reminds me of Christmas City in Bethlehem, PA which was also on the holiday to do list growing up.

But Christmas is supposed to be the season of giving, so today I’ve got a few goodies from an event that is an example of the community giving back to one of their own.

What Christmas Means To Me

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