Jul 092013

Its that time of year again… HAIR FAIR!! The Hair Fair opens on July 13th and you’ll want to make sure you get all your hair demos before you go, so be sure to join the Hair Fair Demo Group.

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Jun 022013

Last day for the Home and Garden Expo. Today I have some goodies from 22769.

Home and Garden Expo - 22769

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Jun 012013

You just have today and tomorrow left to shop the Home and Garden Expo to benefit Relay For Life. Below is a full expo map and here is a link to guide to the different sims.

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May 172013

I took a little break from blogging last week and now I’m back. I’ve got some recent releases you should know about and I’ll try to take a stab at another meme.

Behind The Groove

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Apr 232013

Kawaii Fair is on its final week and I needed to get these pics blogged, since I took them over a week ago.

Like A Star

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Apr 222013

Doing double duty today because I need to get caught up on my event blogging to make room for my favorite event. Which you’ll see later this week. Kawaii Fair is open until the 26th which is Friday.

True Blue

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Apr 122013

Pose Fair 2013 ends today and I wanted to make sure I blogged the super cute Picture This couples poses from {what next}. I loved the photographer themed poses with the cameras, and I especially like that she did couples poses this year. Winter’s couples poses for her props are always just so adorable. You can buy all 3 together or separately. The camera is included and transferable. Sal and I are modeling #2 and #1 respectively.My Boo

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Mar 192013

Putting together today’s post has reinforced the fact that I’m getting old and can’t keep up with when all these dang reoccurring events begin and end and how long they last. Once a year and even once a month, events are so much easier to blog.

I Can Love You

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Mar 182013

Today everything has come easy for me. The song for today’s blog post title and now the content of this post. I didn’t want to do my usual boring spiel about what I’m wearing. I’m bored with that. So I’ll do this week’s meme from Berry is Procrastination. That’s something I know very well. Check out my answers to the Procrastination Meme below

Five Miles To Empty

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Feb 192013

Today I have a few new items. As you can see my blond period didn’t last for too long. I always go back to black. I love black hair because it doesn’t clash with the other colors I may be wearing.

Baby girl, you're still a flower

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