Apr 122013

Pose Fair 2013 ends today and I wanted to make sure I blogged the super cute Picture This couples poses from {what next}. I loved the photographer themed poses with the cameras, and I especially like that she did couples poses this year. Winter’s couples poses for her props are always just so adorable. You can buy all 3 together or separately. The camera is included and transferable. Sal and I are modeling #2 and #1 respectively.My Boo

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Mar 182013

Today everything has come easy for me. The song for today’s blog post title and now the content of this post. I didn’t want to do my usual boring spiel about what I’m wearing. I’m bored with that. So I’ll do this week’s meme from Berry is Procrastination. That’s something I know very well. Check out my answers to the Procrastination Meme below

Five Miles To Empty

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